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Information Technology (IT) is the lifeblood of any successful business. It connects departments and companies to the outside world, pays bills, pays employees, promotes the company, gives a clear picture of where operations and orders are up to, and so much more. Without IT, a business can easily fail. It is so important, in the 21st century, that your company has an IT system that is flawless and operates seamlessly. Keeping your IT system up to date, running at speed should be one of your number one priorities.

Wictek Broad Band recognise the importance of IT in business, across most - if not every - industry. We are also adept at recognising how every business is different to each other, requiring a range of requirements that might not ever match another business – even those in the same business niche. We are constantly amazed at how many new systems we have to design – providing solutions for businesses that we have never had to do for any other business before. More Software Solutions are avilable at

What we do

Wictek Broad Band are specialists in IT support software. We work closely with a range of different businesses across the UK, building IT solutions to meet their specific needs. Our solutions are 100% tailored towards individual companies – we only rarely come up with a solution that will meet the requirements of other companies.

After an initial introductory meeting, we aim to meet with as many members of your staff as possible – discussing the IT systems that each department uses. We look at the good things and the bad things that your systems have, and liaise with your colleagues to get a range of perspectives from users across the business. Having collated this information, we are then in a position to construct a solution – providing you with an overview of the current condition of the IT systems and how your workers feel it can be improved.

Having given you this information, we then construct a list of solutions to your IT issues – giving you a breakdown of how we can improve the IT side of your business. Within this list, we also break down the cost of each improvement – giving you a quotation for our services. This quotation is our promise to you, that we can meet your requirements. It is also a guarantee that this is the full price you will be charged: we won’t add on any costs after quoting, unless it has been authorised by you.

If you are happy with our proposal, we immediately set to work on your solutions. We provide you with a week by week progress report, informing you what we have been working on, and updating you with estimated completion dates. If you require work to be carried out and updates to be released each month, we are happy to do this for you. Alternatively, we will do all of the necessary work before producing one large update after we have finished working. This typically takes the best part of a weekend, though it depends on the size of the solution package we are providing.

Wictek Broad Band enjoy close working relationships with all of our clients. We never miss the opportunity to resolve your problems, and value the importance of effective customer service. Our customer service department are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, answering questions and providing assistance with a range of different problems.

Success so far

Wictek Broad Band have already successfully implemented solutions to over 500 businesses across the UK. As previously mentioned, we are equally happy working with small or large business, with different sized IT departments. Our team of professionals are passionate about embracing challenges: this is what sets us apart from our competitors. On a regular basis, our team become so engrossed with an IT solution that work long into the night to meet our customer’s high expectations. Our staff are incredibly important to us, and it is vital to us that they remain committed and happy in their work. It is this philosophy that enables us to recruit the best members of IT staff from around the United Kingdom.

We have never had a bad review from any of our customers, and aim to keep it that way. More often than not, we complete solutions ahead of schedule, and this delights our current customers. Our customers also love talking to our customer service team, and build up effective, long-lasting relationships with them which is mutually beneficial. The relationship is so successful, because our customer service team are all fully trained on IT software solutions, and it is this expertise that makes our customers feel they are talking to people who really know their stuff.

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